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The major benefit of in-banner ads is that when users click on the video, they don’t fully realize they are clicking on the advertisement. The beauty of in-banner ad is that it doesn’t interrupt the user’s online experience. Instead, they rather appear subtly on the sidebar or on the top of search results. In-banner ads don’t force the user. They give them a choice to click or not to click. Compared to in-stream ads, in-banner ads are considered less intrusive; therefore, they are more suited for brands that want to promote awareness rather than achieve a pure acquisition.

Advertisers are charged on a traditional PPC (pay-per-click) model, which means only when a user clicks on the thumbnail preview and chooses to watch the ad video. This bidding style is fair because users viewing the ad must be really interested in the offer because they chose to click on the advertisement.

The placement of in-banner ads is highly dependent on the keywords of a user’s search query, giving advertisers the power to deliver ads to the most relevant users. This format could also be beneficial for effectively targeting B2B clients or a narrower segment of the audience.

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