Studio Production

IDTV has specialized in the video and recording studio services for more than 25 years. IDTV can confidentially guide you through every step of the design and building process, from the latest in vodcasting technology to full-blown audio recording studios. From the initial consultation and phases of design to final installation of the monitor speaker systems.

Design Consultation

You don’t know where to start? We do, and consultations set in motion the initial steps in the program, thereby saving everyone’s time and money.


Our experience is derived from years of using CAD (computer-aided design) and virtual 3D modeling software while collaborating with a wide variety of architects and engineers to improve the quality of design,  documentation, and overall communication.

Local Licensed Contractors

All IDTV contractors are fully licensed, bonded, and insured as general contractors in all states we work within. When working in other states and countries, we collaborate with local licensed professionals and contractors in your region.

Acoustic Specifications

Floor, wall, ceiling designs, acoustic doors, windows, quiet air-conditioning systems, and acoustic treatment are critical in designing and building studios. Accurate designs implemented with specialized construction techniques are precursors to success.

Acoustic Design and Fabrication

A well constructed room will still need to be tuned. Custom made, clouds, traps, diffusers, and wide band absorbers make a room sound great.

Project Management

We work with your contractors to ensure building plans are executed to the exact specifications unique to sound proof construction.

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