Streaming Video (OTT/CTV)

IDTV’s OTT/CTV solution is all the talk among advertisers. The living room as we know it is a different place! Shifting from conventional set-top boxes to OTT and CTV devices. The trend is real!

Those ugly cable boxes are headed for extinction, as indicated by 22 million U.S. adults cutting the cord in 2017!  Savvy advertisers suddenly have the advantage of tuning into consumers in a all-new way by pinpointing their exact audiences and customers with video ads before or inside of streaming content on a variety of different connected devices. Binge-watchers, cord cutters, cord nevers, and on-demand junkies alike all contribute to the 60% of U.S. households that own a CTV device (YuMe & Nielsen Report).

With an amazing 61% of young adults primarily consuming content through OTT streaming services , the advertisers that recognize this trend now are gaining an unprecedented opportunity to reach their perfect consumers, optimize their ad spends, increase their engagements, and convert more viewers to a healthy bottom line! Reach this unique group of content consumers with IDTV’s OTT/CTV offering.

IDTV’s OTT/CTV Benefits

Non-skippable, immersive content format

Engage with a unique audience that is committed to the content it is consuming.

Reach a unique consumers advertisers can’t target with traditional TV spots.

Serve video ads pre-roll and/or mid-roll within streamed content on connected devices.

In-app or in-browser, including geo-optimized=targeting capabilities.

Allows advertisers to combine the impact of TV with the precision of digital.

Seamless way to access and buy premium OTT inventory

Same centralized platform as display, mobile, video and native campaigns.

OTT/CTV Options

Pre-Roll Video Ads (Video ads appearing before streamed content on connected devices).

Mid-Roll Video Ads (Video ads appearing within streamed content on connected devices).

OTT/CTV Inventory

IDTV has access to the following devices, exchanges, and publishers to provide premium OTT/CTV inventory.


• Amazon Fire
• Android
• Apple TV
• Chromecast
• Playstation
• Roku
• Xbox


• A&E
• Accent Health
• Anthem Sports & Entertainment
• AT&T/DirecTV Now!
• BigStar.TV
• Cinedigm Entertainment
• Comcast
• Cox Media Group
• Crunchy Roll
• Digital Media Rights
• Discover Channel
• DiscoveryGo
• DramaFever
• E.W. Scripps Newsy
• E.W.Scripps
• Film On Tv, Inc.
• Flipps Media
• Fox Networks Group
• Fox News
• Fox Sports
• Fubo.TV
• Funimation

• Future Today
• Gameloft
• Globo
• Gold Line Telemanagement
• Graham Media
• Haystack
• Hyde Interactive Inc
• kpex
• Meetme
• NewsON
• One by AOL Ad Network
• OVGuide
• Pelmorex
• picoBlu LLC
• Plex
• PlutoTV
• PopcornFlix
• Render Media
• Resignation Media, LLC
• RPLogic

• Screen Media Ventures LLC
• Scripps Network, LLC
• SendtoNews
• Sling TV
• Sony Crackle
• The Christian Post
• The Holiday Spot
• Thomsan
• Reuters
• Tinbu
• Toon Goggles
• Transgaming
• TubiTV
• Turner
• Vevo
• Viacom
• Vice
• Viki, Inc
• Vudu
• WeatherNation
• Wibbitz
• Xumo

Video Specifications

Dimensions: 960x720px and 960x540px

Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or higher

Video bitrate: 2.0 Mbps or higher

Preferred format: mp4 (h.264)

Max video file size: 10MB with a max final load size of 200MB

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