Real Estate – Introducing Audience Captive Technology™

IDTV™ Introduces Audience Captive Technology™ “Real Estate

 Domination” Platform


Astonishingly Superior to Everything Else!

Our proprietary one-of-a-kind digital technology was designed to provide Real Estate


with complete domination in their digital marketing space.

No One Can Even Pretend To Do What We Do™

Fact: Your target audience is looking at their mobile device

150 Times

for more than 5 Hours per day

Thus it is absolutely essential to “do everything” to keep your brand, image,

listings, offers, performance, and market insights in front of buyers, day-in-day-out,

everywhere they go until and after they become your client.


Unfortunately doing so would be extremely

cost-prohibitive and fiscally irresponsible.


Until Now! #GO

You’ll Dominate Because Sales Slice Dominates!

Sales Slice™ is “tech-years” (like dog-years but much

shorter) ahead of any competing digital ad providers in

the real estate industry.

Technology has shifted dramatically in the last two years

and the pace of continuing advancement is currently at

breakneck speed. The cutting edge is now the bleeding


Sales Slice™ perfected the art of digital targeting and ad placement. We scrape competitor

traffic and utilize location targeting like nobody can. Our Sales Fence program provides

Exclusivity which frankly, is the key to domination in any market. To that end we have

incorporated written “exclusivity” guarantees, that all but ensure total domination in your

digital marketing space.

First, let’s get this out of the way: We don’t do SEO/SEM, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) /Pay-Per-

View (PPV), Google Adwords or Geo-Fencing. Our technology is proprietary and so far

more advanced than that. (humbly speaking of course)

In fact, we feel it makes SEO/SEM, PPC/PPV and Google Adwords obsolete. Here’s why…

Our proprietary software literally scrapes data (searches) made from each IP Address

on any device at any app or website. Over 700,000 of them.

We then identify and “Geo-Tag” the IP Address to determine it’s location, location,


Next, Sales Slice™ utilizes “probabilistic analytics” to specifically determine what that “IP

Address” is in the market for.

Send them your exclusive ads offering them exactly what they are looking for while

they’re looking for it until they buy.

A level playing field? LOL! Yeah, well we got rid of that.

Advantage: You… (and ONLY you)

Your Competitor? Not so much…


The key components to our proprietary program are as follows:


1. Preemptive acquisition of (We bought & own) every

mobile ID in the US. (280 million mobile ID’s and


2. Targeting by address/household using our proprietary

geo-tagging technology.

3. True cross device targeting. The ability to target every

device in a household and follow in perpetuity. (AKA

Spouse Targeting™)

4. Targeting visitors on your competitor sites

5. Targeting visitors to consumer facing sites such as

Zillow,, RedFin,, etc.

6. Targeting competitor open houses & listings in your farm areas

7. Industry Exclusive: Elimination of all fraudulent clicks, all inclusive ad creative

management and a low monthly flat-fee pricing by market. (Defined by average value of



They search.

We see their search.

We send them Your Custom Ads.

TARGETING/AD PLACEMENT: Target your ENTIRE Farm, EVERY home in your Farm,

EVERY open house, EVERY listing, EVERY homeowner, EVERY renter…along with:

EVERYONE (Nationwide) visiting Consumer Facing Sites like:

Zillow, Trulia, RedFin,, Homesnap etc.

Why pay Zillow, Trulia, RedFin, etc. exorbitant fees to market your agency/brokerage, when

the Sales Slice™ patent-pending technology can scrape searches from these same sites

(better than they can) identify when someone is looking for properties in your target market

and then exclusively and relentlessly send them your ads…on their mobile, desktop and

tablets. The Short Answer is You shouldn’t.

Besides, Zillow, etc. sells you the same data they sell to your competitors…whereas…

Sales Fence™ from Sales Slice™ provides you with exclusivity.

Whether or not they signed up for Zillow, etc. we can scrape every search they make.

Even Zillow can’t do that. Consumer data can ONLY be mined AFTER a consumer registers

with Zillow or Not so, with our system, we can scrape EVERY search by IP


Address, so we obtain data even they cannot. Then send them your ads.

But there’s more…

We send your Ads to Home Buyers (in real-time) who are:

1. Searching Your competitors websites,

2. Who physically visit your competitors offices and/or

3. Home buyers who visit your competitors open houses.

Sales Slice™ will target EVERY household and EVERY device in those homes including

targeting visitors to competitor open houses, in the carrier routes included in your

agreement. All parties living in properties included on the carrier routes in your agreement will

be followed everywhere they go, on all of their devices. Every homeowner in your farm will

see your changing ads on all of their devices, including their mobile, their laptop, tablet, and

home computer, relentlessly while you are on our program.

EXCLUSIVITY: All targeting and ad placement, to homes in agents/brokers Farm, will be

delivered on an exclusive basis. Sales Slice™ will not allow any other agent or

broker to target homes in your Farm with our program. (While we can’t control other

vendors, our targeting, QPS and ad-buys radically trump the competition, which means

Sales Slice™ wins the vast majority of ad placements in competitive bidding scenarios)




Wait, There’s Even More!

Sales Slice™ will target every and all individuals who conduct a keyword search which

includes the name(s) of the neighborhoods in your Farm and home buying related keywords.

Sales Slice™ will follow and push ads to all devices, to everyone searching for homes in your

neighborhood or community keywords from ANYWHERE IN THE USA.

Example: Your agency is in Fountain Hills, Arizona and your farm includes the gatedcommunities

of Eagle Mountain and Firerock . Home Buyers from from Minnesota, Chicago,

New York etc. search for homes in Eagle Mountain or Firerock. Those buyers will now be

targeted & Sales Slice™ will relentlessly push Your Ads to over 700K+ Apps, Websites and

games until you win.


Anyone in the USA who searches for Eagle Mountain Homes for Sale in Fountain Hills

will be sent targeted ads exclusively from your agency or brokerage. No one else.

Target all visitors that search for properties on your competitor’s website

Target all individuals that search by name of, broker, office. URL (Limited list to be

provided by client)

Target visitors to competitor open houses and listings in your Farm area.

Target visits to your competitor’s offices. (Limited list to be provided by client)

Retarget everyone who visits your website.


Client will be granted exclusive targeting and ad

placement for searches made, that include the

names(s) of the neighborhoods or communities in your

Farm, and associated home buying keywords, on large

real estate sites like, Zillow, Trulia,

RedFin, etc.

Any Farm area/home buying keyword combination

search made on any real estate research site will be

tagged and targeted with your ads for the duration that

they are in the market to buy. Sales Slice™ will not allow any other agent/broker to

target the same location/keyword combinations with our program.



Ad inventory rotates on a regular basis to provide buyers and sellers value and keep them

informed as well as prevent banner blindness. Agent/ broker will provide new MLS listing

numbers for rotation into ad placement inventory. Common ad types can include.

Just listed, Just sold

Open house announcements

Thinking of selling?

Looking to move? Looking to move to (area)?

Recent dollar/sq ft in your neighborhood

Market value increases /volume of sales

Ave days on market

Ave number of offers per property

Difference in asking and selling price

Get a free appraisal

Looking For A 5-Star Rated Agent in (Your Area)

Any ad type that that conforms with ad-type guidelines


OPTIONAL TARGETING AND AD PLACEMENT (pricing available on request)

With the highly sophisticated location targeting, provided by Sales Slice™, agent/brokers have

a multitude of additional targeting and ad placement options available, including locations such



Golf Courses

Country Clubs

Polo Fields

Race Tracks

Yacht Clubs


Large Employers

Real Estate Schools

Military Bases

High End Hotels

High Line Auto Dealerships

Private Airstrips or Helipads

Exclusive Vacation Spots

Exclusive restaurants or venues where you know your top competitors entertain their

prospects and clients

Have a list of high end clients to target? know their home addresses? target each of their

homes directly.



Charity Events

Large Sporting Events, Festivals, Stadiums, Concerts, Galas

Political Events


Trade Shows

Yacht/Boat Shows

Real Estate Investment Events, etc.


Sales Slice™ can provide your real estate agency/brokerage with Over The Top Video

Advertising. That means that someone in the market for a home will see your :15 or :30

second uninterruptible commercial prior to them watching various streaming TV and Movie

Channels and we can do it for less than anybody else. So instead of paying for advertising to

100% of those watching, when only 8% are in the market for a home (a waste of 92% of your

marketing dollars), you only pay for advertising to those in the market to buy. A much smarter

way to reach your target audience, and much less expensive as well.

Reach everyone in your farm with a TV commercial advertising yourself, your office or your

brokerage. Market your listings through nationally broadcast programming on a local basis

through scores of streaming providers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV and cable

media buys. Sales Slice™ delivers extremely affordable, highly targeted ads, leveraging

highly sophisticated location targeting, to your ideal audience. Non-skippable ads are delivered


through nationally broadcast, streaming programming on all devices as well as streaming

devices such as Amazon Fire, Android, Apple TV, Google TV, Chromecast, Playstation, Roku,

Xbox, Blue-Ray Players and Smart TVs.

Call me today and I’ll provide pricing to lock up your target market before your competitor

exclusively locks it up.

John B. Frank


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