Remine Database Advertising

Harness IDTV’s Powerful Digital Tools and Remine’s Targeted Audience Data To ID And Capture Sellers

Remine is a real estate Property Intelligence Platform® for agents that is delivered exclusively through the MLS. The predictive-analytics platform is designed to help real-estate professionals identify new market opportunities by analyzing property records, transactional history, consumer data and other market information to determine when a property is most likely to be put on the market.

Remine’s actionable intelligence includes equity, loan amounts, years in residence and other unique data, and is delivered through an intuitive and simple-to-navigate map-based user interface.

Realtors are struggling to understand and embrace the modern home buyer and seller customer journey.

Equipped with this powerful new data, Remine subscribers are able to download this first party information and put it to work in digital advertising and traditional marketing campaigns.

This is what IDTV’s Remine Marketing Solutions are all about —  helping you compete and win in 2019.

Learn How Remine’s Property Intelligence Platform® Delivers Actionable Intelligence

IDTV assists Realtors® who are Remine subscribers to harness that valuable data to market to those prospects using the most powerful digital advertising tools now available.  Utilizing our addressable geo-fencing technology, we are able to place ads in front of the exact property owners who are most likely to put their listing on the market in the next 6 to 12 months.

These custom audiences can be targeted with advertising on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube through IDTV’s 3-tier pricing plan. Custom plans are also available upon request. Call (864) 485-6500 to get started today!

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