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"I want to partner with you guys—Be My Boots On The Ground!​

If you've got the burning desire and drive to do the work that is required, but lack the tactical knowledge and connections to take it to the goal line alone — our team is here cover your back! Join our exclusive program and we'll show you how it's done in simple terms so you can make money out of the blocks while you learn. We help you win in the lucrative market of Flip and Sell investing! And we will finance your deals, or better yet show you how to get owners to finance the deals for you. It's a "no-brainer", we lay out the processes 1,2,3 and we are there with you at every step.

Your TIME is the most valuable thing you have, and we help you cut through the noise and red tape and make money fast.

We are NOT JUST TALK! We've got 17 years of relationships with lendors and private money ready to invest now. Work with me to bring your deals to the table, and we've got all the attorneys, accountants, brokers and real estate experts on speed dial, ready to close your real estate deals.

Greg Teele shares  his years of experience in an easy to understand street smart program. For just $49 a month, get in the game and get on a one-on-one kick off call with Greg himself.

Ok Credit, Bad Credit or Even No Credit — GET APPROVED TODAY!

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