Book Publishing

Bronze Level
  • Sell-Sheet
  • Press Release
  • Promotional Copy and Author Bio
Silver Level
Bronze Level package, plus…
  • Simple Landing Page
  • Social Media plan
  • Custom banner ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and web use
  • 20 Advance Reader Copies of book
Gold Level
Silver package, plus…
  • Full Web Site
  • Set up accounts on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub
  • Press Release sent directly to media outlets, reviewers, and blogs
  • Coordinate book signings and events
  • Media training, including Elevator pitch, talking points, email scripts, etc.
  • Ongoing Marketing Strategies & Support
Some of these could be set up as extra add-ons? Or create a Platinum Level? Like a full web site. That alone could sell for at least $2500 for something simple (Squarespace). Or, Bookbub has different buy-in levels. Or Media Training could be a consultation fee that could bring in ongoing revenue. Video trailers could be another add-on.

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